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Communicating Beyond Borders. Ichthus' professional interpreters work together as a team to provide you with superior quality interpreting services.
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Company Overview

Ichthus International Inc.

  Daisan Tagen Building 4F,83 Kankoboko-cho,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

Ichthus International

As the world becomes more and more globalized, the demand for interpreters is ever-increasing. Not only for big international meetings and regardless of scale, the role of interpreters is more and more important in the international business scene. Ichtus International Inc. has been established by a veteran conference interpreter with over 20 years of interpreting experience in Japan and abroad. Acting as a leader, he has made a team of competent professionals, who are specialized in well-established interpreting and translation services. We offer prompt, high-quality communication services at great prices. First, tell us your budget. Our expert coordinators will propose a plan that is best suited to your budget and conditions.

Our Interpreting Services

Our Interpreting Services

Our Translations Services

Our Translations Services

Price Quote

Price Quote

Our Interpreting Services

Business Negotiations, Inspections, and Other Business Interpreting

I’d like to request business interpreting

We provide the most suitable interpreters according to your business setting, including negotiations with Japanese companies, facility inspections, in-house meetings, reception parties, etc.

Legal & Contract Interpreting

Legal & Contract Interpreting

We provide legal interpreters for sales contracts, license agreements,  negotiations for exclusive distribution rights within Japan, stock transfer meetings, etc.

Seminar & Research Conference Interpreting

Seminar and research conference interpreting: We provide interpreters with ample knowledge in your area of expertise.

Financial Interpreting

Finance-related interpreting:IR、We provide interpreters who are well-versed in the financial field for assignments such as investor relations,stockholder meetings,due diligence,neus investment product meetings,etc.

Telecommunications & IT Interpreting

Request telecommunication and IT related interpreting:We provide interpreters with experience in the fields of telephone conferences and Internet ad meetings.

Promotion & Marketing Interpreting

Request promotion interpreting:We provide interpreters who are skilled in marketing meetings, advertising and promotion strategy meetings, meetings regarding branding, direct response marketing workshops, etc.

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Our Translations Services

Business Translation

Business documents, project proposals, business reports, company president addresses, records of proceedings, and other business-related translation.

Financial & Accounting

Finance, investor relations, insurance, and accounting translation services:annual reports, securities reports, audits, earnings summaries, shareholder meeting notices, asset securities reports, etc.

Legal, Judicial & Contract Translation

Legal, contractual, and judicial translation:translation involving internal control such as the Japanese version of SOX Act, company regulation documents and work regulations

Resources, Energy, Environment & Technology Translation

Resources and Environment:oil, nuclear energy, all other types of energy, environmental reports, all types of technology

Medical, Pharmaceutical, & Medical Treatment Translation

Medical, Pharmaceutical, & Medical Treatment Translation

Patent Translation

Patent specification documents, abstracts, priority certificates

Culture, Education, History, & General Translation

Translation involving culture, education, the arts, societal issues, current affairs

English Proofreading

English proofreading, native English speaker checks of essays being published abroad,and entrance exam essays

Professional Interpreting Training

Our company also focuses on training professional interpreters. J’s School of English is a specialty school for developing interpreting skills and is under our direct management. Excellent students who complete the rigorous training of our Professional Interpreter Training Program join our team of interpreters at Ichthus International. We strive to provide satisfactory service not only to our students aspiring to be professional interpreters, but also to those who request our interpreting services.

Price Quote

The price quote and consultation for interpreting and translation services are free.
Prices are affected by the contents of the requested task. We will provide you with the most suitable interpreters according to your budget. Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. We will respond to your request by either phone or email.

  • Sometimes emails fail to be delivered to Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or cell phone email accounts. If you do not receive a reply within several days, please contact us again.
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Form for Interpreting & Translation Inquiries

Company or organization name
Phone number

Inquiry for Interpreting Services (Please fill out to the best of your ability)

Date and time Ex: From April 2nd to 5th; June 10th from 10:00 until 12:00
Location Ex: in Kyoto City; London
Language Ex: from English to Japanese; From Japanese to English; Japanese ⇔ English
Interpreting technique Ex: simultaneous interpreting; consecutive interpreting
Subject matter Ex: a marketing-related seminar; business negotiations regarding IT
Notes Ex: your budget, etc.

Inquiry for Translation Services (Please fill out to the best of your ability)

Language Ex. From English to Japanese; from Japanese to English
Date by which work is requested to be completed
Ex: by June 10th at 12:00; within 2 weeks of the request; ASAP
Ex. 2000 English words; 10,000 Japanese characters; 4 size A4 pages.
Subject matter
Ex: an IT industry business letter (MS Word document); an advertising presentation (Powerpoint document);  a contract regarding accounting, etc.
Notes Ex: your budget, etc.